5 Things Ballroom Dancers Don’t Do

November 18, 2020

1. Ballroom Dancers Know What A Dance Partnership Is, And They Don’t Dance Independently Of Their Partner.

Learning what it means to follow was especially tough for me, and I think that’s pretty common among most women – am I right ladies? If you are like me, you want to know what will be coming up next, and what you will be expected to do. So how is a girl supposed to know what’s coming up next? Well, welcome to the world of following where you wait to be led. And the gentlemen have to learn how to lead so that the lady will be able to follow! That’s what partnering is. Partner dancing is about working together to form a unit of solidarity. One half of the partnership leads…..the other half follows.

So when you go to a group class and practice with a partner, you might be learning a step or pattern. Being familiar with the steps and patterns isn’t all there is to partnering. The leader leads and the follower follows. And the two of you work together to become a dance couple. When you go social dancing, you’ll be dancing with different partners who may lead or follow differently, and it is up to you to provide the correct lead/follow to become an effective part of the partnership. That’s part of the joy of social dancing: dancing with different people brings new experiences! Ballroom dancers know that they have to do their part with their partner to make it work!

2. Ballroom Dancers Don’t Slouch.

Ballroom dancers know the value of good posture in dancing and in life. They stand up straight with shoulders down and back, and they hold their heads up. Dancers know that good postures provides a base for better balance and mobility. They also know that good posture makes you look younger! So if you want to look your best on the dance floor, you develop the best posture you can. Many ballroom dancers spend time stretching every day to improve and maintain their posture.

3. Ballroom Dancers Don’t Wait To Be Asked To Dance.

Although I list this one as #3, this is a pretty major one of the 5 Things Ballroom Dancer’s Don’t Do. Ballroom dancers know they don’t have to wait to be asked for a dance. In the ballroom dance world, it doesn’t matter who asks for the dance. Either the man or the lady can approach the other. And if you go with a date or spouse, and if the two of you agree, it is fine to dance with other people. In fact, most dancers like a variety of dance partners at social events.

When you do ask someone to dance, just remember to ask politely.

Here are some easy and to-the-point ways to ask someone to dance:

  • May I have this dance?
  • Would you care to dance?
  • Would you like to waltz?

Ballroom Dancers don’t pass up an opportunity to dance. Instead of sitting around and waiting to be asked, they take action. If they see someone they want to dance with, they go and ask!

4. They Don’t Compare Themselves To Other Dancers.

It’s easy as a beginner to feel less than confident on the social dance floor. Social dancing is all about fun, sharing the experience with your partner, and enjoying the music and the dance! Because where we are in our dancing is always changing, and there’s no point in feeling less than other more advanced dancers. And there’s no need to either. Dancers know that their progress is accumulative, and they know that you don’t become an advanced dancer after 3 easy lessons.

Dancers know that progress is a continuation of their desire to grow. So dancers are patient with themselves and their ability, even though they may be anxious to learn more. Taking lessons, making time to practice on your own, and then spending time at social dance events will lead to becoming more accomplished in your dancing.

5. They Don’t Give Up Practicing And Learning.

There should be a big Asterisk beside this one – it’s a Big one in my top 5 Things Ballroom Dancer’s Don’t Do. Ballroom dancers are in a constant state of learning and improving their craft. And they know that no matter what the challenges are, or how much it costs, or how much it hurts in certain parts of their body, they would never give up on this beautiful art form. They are super focused on taking something away from each and every group class or private lesson they take, some nougat of useful information that will give their dancing a boost.

They never miss an opportunity to learn from great dancers. And give them a 5 minute period of time with nothing to do, and they’ll be squeezing in some Rumba walks, or trying out some new arm styling moves. Those small practice times may not seem like much, but can make a huge difference on the dance floor. Ballroom dancers know how valuable it is to develop some simple daily habits that when added together will change their overall dancing journey.

Source: https://glitteredjourneys.com/