El Micha Ole Video Oficial HD

November 12, 2020 - 70 views

Born in Havana, 27-year-old Michael Sierra Miranda is known everywhere in his hometown as "El Micha". A former basketball player, he grew up in a very humble neighborhood and went through some rough times. Even if he has now left the streets where he grew up, he stays strongly attached to its realities.

That's the reason why his background is, according to him, the main inspiration for his music: "I speak about what I live, about kids, old people, my songs come from the people". And if the rhythm is one of the central elements of his music, his major concern is for the lyrics.

He says it best: "My aspiration is to try that in every house, in every car, in every place, my hoarse voice tells people the truth, tells them to dance and to forget the rest". This global goal resonates in his songs, such as "El Barrio Me Puso Aqui" or "En Punta De Pie". 

Always referring to his musical persona in the third person, "out of respect", Michael is completely self-taught. "I don't know anything about music, and I don't want to", he explains, adding that he "always had the ability to improvise, to hold a rhythm, to have a flow".

A very prolific artist, El Micha is one of the main activists of the Cubaton scene and is particularly known for his numerous collaborations with the most talented members of his musician family. Featured on dozens of albums and compilations published all over the world, El Micha has recorded with the famous band Kola Loka ("Se Extrana"), Baby Lores ("Tu Eres La Mia", "Yo Soy Cubano"), Insurrecto ("La Ricurita") and more recently, Cistychov ("Si Te Vas").

His latest album, "Con Dinero Y Pasmao", released in 2010, culminated in an intensive series of shows in Europe, making him one of the most prominent leaders of the Cubaton scene on an international level.